The word brought on a life of its own, Persephone was pulled back to a time she had tried so long to suppress. 

When Persephone was finally cured of her illnesses she craved so much to visit the village. Day and night she begged to leave the castle but to no avail. Though one morning, before anyone had risen, her curiosity got the best of her. Many times King Meccio had warned her of dangers that the world held, but that day she ran with carefree excitement. Her clean curly hair and regal clothing brought the attention of a gang of young kids who lured her off the street and cornered her in an alley. “Get off of me! ” Persephone cried and tried to fight the hands holding her but they were to strong. “You look like you’d have something of value on you.” A tall skinny young man walked forward from the circle surrounding her. “I have nothing, please let me go! I’m not even supposed to be here!” Tears brimmed in her eyes and the children seemed to savor this. “No value? AND you’re not supposed to be here? Well, well, well looks like you need to be taught a lesson.” He punched the arm of the kid next to him who promptly pulled out a box from his beaten up rucksack. The tall boy cackled and looked evily at the trembling princess,”Try not to be scared, they sense and strike at fear.” With that the box was tipped over, onto her head, and several large tarantulas scurried over her body. She couldn’t scream but as she felt her world going black, as it often did when she came under stress, she saw Sir Doouge’s face. 

Where was her knight now while she was suspended and helpless? “What’s going on?!” Persephone tried ripping at the trap once more which sounded like ripping cloth but made no budge. “I’d like you to meet Talik, Guardian of the Unspoken.” Harbrum’s smooth and calm tone made the situation almost surreal. The large web shaking monster, she assumed to be Talik, seemed to be inches above her. The gentile brush of something long and hard on Persephone’s face caused her to let out another cry. “Grandpa it’s me, Harbrum, long time no see you old geizer.” The noises that were above the princess’s head now sounded louder and faster, almost angry. “Please let us go, we have stuff to do.” Harbrum sounded so far away in the darkness. “You ought not to have come here tainted one.” A melodic female voice rang from the dark and with it brought a bright white glow. Persephone could now see a large black widow hanging above them, they had gotten themselves into a large web which seemed to cover a good amount of forest surrounding them, and Harbrum was pale; but his eyes were locked with the spider’s, a cocky grin plastered on his face. The light drew closer and an apparent figure came into view. A spirit with a skeletal head and large horn like protrusions, and a body being suspended by large spider legs which alternated from moving her body forward and spinning webs over the hole in her chest.