1.        Chilling silence fell over Persephone’s heart,”but you said it was hopeless, you said I doomed my kingdom!” Harbrum rolled his body towards the package that had fallen out of Persephone’s dress and held it towards her,”with a bit of magic nothing is impossible my dear.” Magic.. The mere mention of the word sent shivers down Persephone’s spine. The most magic she had seen was her castle and even that was a forbidden secret. All kingdom’s had banned the use of magic when King Derrone’s wife had perished during child birth by an alleged witch’s hands. Though Harbrum had mentioned magic before, her soul only now registered terror. 
  2.        “Magic is banned throughout the lands! Any use or mention of it could get us both imprisoned or killed!” Persephone held her chest but Harbrum showed no fear in this thought,”Haven’t you realized it yet? If we are to get caught we already have a fate worse then death in front of us.” suddenly that quiet but eventful morning on Berkshim’s shore seemed far away as Persephone watched Harbrum chuckle maniacally; rolling on the ground, pounding his fists against it with great tremor to the surroundings. She wanted to call him mad, but as he looked up at her from his fit, multiple tear lines stained his cheek,”I’m an idiot….I never signed up for this. Save you I’m doomed, leave you I’m dead, help you I’m in danger. Nothing the League put me through could have prepared me for this..” Harbrum erupted in another fit of hysteria. 
  3.     “sometimes the best medicine is laughter.” Persephone inhaled the crisp air deeply and picked up the package Harbrum had attempted to hand her before becoming inconsolable and abandoning it in the grass. The cloth burned her fingers as she tried to peel back the fabric once more. Images of her homeland, Sir Doouge, her father, the sweet lotus fields, vomit covered children, and a knight in black armor guiding a girl and her mother to a swarm of hungry looking soldiers filled her vision and she too feel into the same hysteria that plagued Harbrum. 
  4. To be continued….