Harbrum looked down at Persephone’s body and grimaced. His stomach growled ferociously, as though an angry tiger dwelled inside his gut. He bent down and placed his claws over Persephone’s heart but suddenly all around him shadows split from their resting places and moved together in a crackling fury. Natas took form before Harbrum. Though a much thinner man Natas clenched Harbrum’s throat  tightly with ease, suspending him in the air so they were eye to eye,” and what do you think you are doing to my rose?” Harbrum struggled under his grasp, his neck cracking as he flailed. Natas exploded into shadows, sending Harbrum flying and crashing onto the bodies of Zebbah’s men. “I created you and I can destroy you just as quickly. If you have even a thought of consuming another soul in front of the princess I will have no problem breaking you,” Natas reformed again in front of the groaning Harbrum,”This one will make up for your arrogance, you still owe me,” Natas gouged Harbrum the same way Harbrum did to Zeebah, pulling out his hand to reveal a sickly looking slime. Harbrum lost all color and screamed helplessly as his body reverted back to the way it was before the soul passed his lips. Natas recoiled, he attempted to shake the slime off but it clung to his skin like mucus. “My liege, I made a mistake. I had to save her, the hunger just took control.” Harbrum’s voice was weak and shaky. “You’re slipping Dark Kight, if you can’t keep your word you’ll be of no use to me! Just look at this soul! I can’t use  this, it spoiled inside of you! And what about her!? If she doesn’t make it to Pallow’s forest soon I will do nothing more for you.” Natas’s eyes burned with intense hatred as they locked eyes once more before the shadows reclaimed Natas’s body.

Harbrum sat on the ground in disbelief, massaging his neck that was blue from Natas’s grip. Persephone’s sleepy groans broke Harbrum’s  gaze from where Natas was looming over him moments ago. Natas had sent Harbrum through the air with such force that, as Harbrum tried to stand, his legs gave out beneath him. He grumbled angrily to himself and pulled his body over to Persephone. The last experience had taught him better then to try to wake her so he lay next to her and prayed she would wake soon.

Without the ability to move around and distract himself  Harbrum quickly became bored and anxious after watching Persephone’s face twitch  and listening to her spurratic sleepy noises. He cleared his throat which protested with pain and began to sing,

sleep now sweet dreamer

Believe not  the deceiver 

Hear now the keeper

of all the sweet dreamers

Billowing through the sleepers

Hear how he keeps her

Under the moonlight 

All is well so sleep tight

Nothing to fear tonight

Harbrum shook his head as he knew not where the song came from, though as his singing stopped Persephone’s eyes fluttered. She sat up dazed and looked around, but as she looked upon Harbrum next to her she quickly shot backwards, “You’re a monster! Get away from me!” Harbrum desperately grabbed her foot before she could get further away and pleaded with her,”Princess, you are confused. You blacked out when Zeebah and his men approached. While you were out I fought them off, you must have had another bad dream.” Persephone pondered this thought for a moment,”how did you take down three men?” Harbrum cracked his cocky smile and put all his strength into siting up. Persephone didn’t know what to think, though Harbrum looked sore and his neck was swollen. She couldn’t recall a struggle where his neck would have gotten such a marking, maybe she did just dream everything. After all, only in her dreams could she imagine such a haneaous creature. Sensing her confusion, Harbrum  let go of her leg and took on a sweet voice she had yet to hear him use,”because I’m not your average knight, now let us get going to the forest. If I’m not mistaken you have a kingdom to cure.” Persephone swallowed,”weren’t you taking me to the king?” Harbrum studdered, “no..I just wanted to take you to the village to get food.” She glared at him but was unsure how long she’d been blacked out for, as far as she knew she blacked out at the sound of the armor. 

To be continued..