“Let her go Zeebah!” Harbrum thrust his body forward but the two men were faster and grabbed his arms, holding him back from the thirsty looking red haired man. The taller of the two men grinned to reveal a set of rotting teeth,”Not so fast there Harbrum. Who are you to think you can order a Kight around? After what you did to the kingdom we would be praised if we just killed you off here.”  The other man who was far to scrawny to  hold onto Harbrum’s arm, struggled with his grip but laughed menichically , “Let’s bring back his head!” The red-haired man shot the two a look and his grip on the princess’s face tightened, “There will be none of that, he is much more valuable alive. I think King Derrone will enjoy the kill so much more if he has the pleasure to do it himself,” his eye’s met Persephone’s,” now my little wandering flower, the question is what are they going to do with you?” She squeezed the package out of instinct.  

Harbrum threw back his arms effortlessly and the men flew onto their backs with a bone shattering thud,” I said leave her alone, she is my retribution to King Derrone. I plan on handing her over personally to the king, an early wedding present to the prince,” Zeebah stood, his mouth agape at what he had just seen and Harbrum flashed a smile of white brilliance,”you seem surprised old friend? Don’t you remember why they called me the Dark Knight?”

Harbrum cracked his knuckles and walked towards the stunned Zeebah who was quivering violently, “You’re a monster! Fugo! Nebah!” His men lay broken and made no sound. Persephone stumbled away from Zeebah who had let go of her face when Harbrum stood inches away from them. Harbrum opened his mouth which shot out three purple scarabs at Zeebah’s face. Zeebah let out a shrill haunting cry of pain, Persephone watched horrified as he attempted to pull off the bugs which were  eating at his face. Harbrum jabbed Zeebah sharply in the chest and began twisting his arm, causing Zeebah’s eyes to roll back into his head. When Harbrum pulled out his arm Zeebah crumbled onto the ground. Persephone was frozen, Harbrum opened the hand which silenced Zeebah. Inside his palm a wispy white substance floated which he consumed with a sloppy noise. Hunger lingered in his eyes as he looked up from his palm to Persephone . For the first time since their moment of silence the two locked eyes. “Is this all a trap?” Persephone almost couldn’t hear her own voice but Harbrum seemed to have no problem hearing her. His face contorted to near monster like proportions; horns shot out of his forehead and chin, short fingernails became foot long claws, eyes no longer soft blue but purple  with red where white should be, teeth sharpened and forced his face to form a permanently wide psychotic looking smile,  and his hair became more wild then his curls could manage to hold. He lifted his left arm, open palmed at Persephone, projecting a veil of darkness around her.

 To be continued…