Harbrum sat at the end of the dock watching a pair of otters chase each other through the kelp beds as Persephone walked back carrying her dress. She looked much more humble with her new attire and her normally free flowing hair was pulled back into a tight bun. It felt so unnatural that Harbrum could stay so long without a word  through she felt herself compelled to silence which bothered her ever more so. He cocked his head at the creak of Persephone’s feet hitting the dock, tossing her a pair of goat leather sandals and going back to looking at the otters. She had never been very keen on silence so ignoring the footwear she walked to the edge where Harbrum sat,”So are we going into the forest then?” Her eyes twinkled with excitement. Harbrum’s eyes held no emotions, ” I have somewhere I must take you first. Then your journey can begin.” No…I must get to the forest now, was all that Persephone could think.  “But there is no time for detours! I must save my kingdom before its to late! The entire kingdom is relying on me!!!” At this Harbrum cut her off with a swift motion of his hand. “If you truly cared about your kingdom you never would have left. With or without the cure your home is doomed, you just set in place the inevitable. Do you not imagine the damage your causing by leaving? When Jarren doesn’t have his bride or hears she has gone missing, don’t you realize how he will retaliate!? You’ve done no good, you’ve merely set forth a new journey for yourself and tossed the needs of your kingdom aside.”

Persephone knew not what to say, those words were the exact words she desperately hoped not to hear from anyone. Thoughts had been bubbling in her mind on the true nobility of her actions and now she was faced with the truth, nothing was making sense anymore! She thought she had planned the perfect route only to see it ignite before her very eyes. She imagined Jarren and his army invading her quiet countryside kingdom, ravaging the fields and pillaging the villages. Screams of children desperately searching for their parents. Her body felt heavy and no matter how hard she tried to fight it the blackness consumed her.

“Daddy! Daddy!” Soft little feet of an eight year old princess took flight across an empty field towards the aroma of roses. King Meccio sprinted towards young Persephone  from the rose garden with fear in his eyes,” Percy! Dearest, what are you doing outside the castle? You know you’re much to weak and sick to be outside!”  Little Persephone stumbled into her father’s outstretched arms and he held her tight,” I’m sorry I just missed you so much! Nurse Melly told me you wouldn’t be home for another three days! I kept the kingdom safe, just like I promised I would!”  He smiled and held her tight to his chest, “I’m home now and everything will be ok. Let me carry you back to the castle now. You’re such a good girl, you’ll make an amazing queen one day.”  

To be continued . .