To the world she was your average valley girl who says like far to often and could be considered slightly clumsy

But at night when she lay awake she brought upon a new persona that was skilled with wordplay

She’d paint pictures with tears and pain on paper that made her look like so much more then your normal day dweller

She’d dance with the moon and whisper her deepest dreams into rocks which she’d clutch tight to her chest and pray for answers

Maybe she’d stutter over her words in public because she felt so much like her words filled the air emptily

That ears couldn’t possibly crave the words she so desperately desired to spring forth from her lungs

Maybe she pushed people away when they got to close because everyone has only showed her their capacity to not understand

When she’d cry late at night and post statuses hoping that one soul would look upon it and outstretched their hands for support

Terrifying these hands were because she could not see past the words and look straight into their eyes

She’d wonder many things while the world slept soundlessly, like how love could mean so little to people she’d give her heart to

When the clock would remind her of the hour, she’d close her eyes and fall into a repetitive series of dreams

Dreams of beautiful places and all these faces, but he’d haunt her dreams like a reaper taking this magestic landscape and tainting it in pain

Perhaps it was the way he walked away when she needed him most that made her hesitant to take his hand

Walking away from the long abandoned has a weird way of eating at the softest parts of the soul

Perhaps it was the way he’d act as if it could all just blow away and he’d move on and find love another day

Making it hard for a wildflower to grow between the cracks of a broken heart if cement is being used to cover the wounds

Perhaps it was the moment he told her to not to go but let her leave anyways that she fell apart to pieces

Because he gave her no reason to stay, he gave her no tears to say

That he really did love her