I’m a newborn and everything is wrong

Hey mom and dad here’s a little song

You couldn’t be bothered to raise me

So now no matter how much anyone may praise me

All I look when I see myself in the mirror is crazy

Excuse me but I was only a baby so my memory is a bit hazy

But I heard you both chose meth and were nothing but lazy

Wow I’m a child now I’ve been adopted by my great uncle and aunt

And no matter how much she tries to love me she can’t

Because she see’s where I come from and I’m not a beautiful plant

I’m a weed with thorns that pricks and ruins the garden

I feel strangely misplaced here and every day my heart seems to harden

Here we are again I’m a wild and crazy adolescent 

Everything in my past is toxicly affecting my present

I don’t speak up much because the welcome is hesitant 

What’s wrong with me? 
I’m pouring out my all to people who take what they want and leave

This weight is getting so heavy now and my chest can only heave 

I’m not a terrible person just broken but I need someone to just believe

Used like a tool for someone’s climb up the mountain

All in the quest to drink from that ever flowing fountain

A fountain that flows happiness and cheer

But when they take the role call not everyone is here

I’m back at the bottom helping others make the climb

I just keep telling myself this will be the last time