Persephone woke to the sound of gulls and a rough jolt of the small boat in which she had departed in with Sir Harbrum. It was a crisp morning with a cool fog lingering in the salty air. At the bow of the boat Harbrum was docking with smooth precision. Persephone had no clue what to say to this newly discovered Knight of Jestice but her mind couldn’t help but wander to her dream of the young doctor trudging her way through the forest which no knight could escape. She sat up and took a better look through the fog, they had landed on a vacant dock that looked worn by many years of neglect. 

“Sir Harbrum,”Persephone’s words froze Harbrum in his work, the word sir rang his name,” where are we?” Persephone stared at Harbrum and he stared silently at his work. Waves crashed upon the dock with malace. Harbrum cleared his throat and looked directly at the princess,”We are under the gateway to Birkshim. This is an old dock not known by many so we are safe to land here. I have some garbs here for you to wear, maybe do your hair up; as to draw less attention in this land,” He handed her a bundle of worn clothing and pointed towards the shore,”the fog is thick enough and there is brush along the shore you can hide in, I’m going to finish up here.” He gave her his hand and gently pulled her onto the dock that creaked under her weight. “Are you sure its safe?” Persephone twisted a lock of her hair in her finger and pressed it against her lips. Harmbum nodded but said nothing as he continued to tie a sturdy knot. 

Could he really be trusted? She knew nothing about this man and he had practically delivered her to the doorstep of Prince Jarren… 

Persephone’s thoughts clawed at her concious as she put on the clothes that were so bland compared to her extravagant dress.  She couldn’t understand why taking the dress off felt so comfortable or why she couldn’t help but follow Harbum to her possible demise, but she preformed this tasks without question. Royalty should not be taking instructions from anyone yet here she was practically eating out of Harbum’s hands. This enraged the princess and her nails dug into her palms.

As the princess walked back she looked around at the massive green mountain side on which they had landed. Cicada bugs chirped happy tunes and the moss and sand mix beneath her bare feet felt warm and comforting. Somehow she felt strangely comfortable with the situation that she was in. Something about this place seemed to welcome her very essence and draw her in to explore. 

To be continued….