“Is this real?” Persephone’s voice sounded far away to her own ears. There was a silence as Harbrum seemed to roll the question over in his mind. After a long pause and a raise of Persephone’s eyebrow Harbrum cracked a grin, “Are we really going on a journey to save your kingdom?” Persephone nodded, not entirely sure of her own question now. Silence just felt so strange but this man seemed to know so much that she didn’t know what to say.

“Possibly. Or I could be planning to sell you on the black market. I imagine a princess would be a fair penny, wouldn’t you say?” Harbrum’s face became cold as stone. Persephone’s eyes widened and she gripped the boat seat tightly. “I’m only messing with you,” Harbrum’s face softened as he laughed,” Doogue would kill me if I let anything happen to you. I will tell you this though, I have a bit of a reputation on the streets so you’ll have to keep your head low and we’ll have to get you out of that lovely dress of yours. It’s a bit of a giveaway to your identity.” Somehow Harbrum’s words didn’t comfort her and she looked away from him and down to her dress. It was an old family heirloom and the blue lace still radiated fresh color against the white fabric of the dress. 

“I want to know why you’re here and who sent you.” Persephone regained a little confidence as she spoke. Harbrum looked away from her for the first time since they had departed her homeland and gazed off into the sea which twinkled with moonbeams. “I am first class knight, Harbrum from the Knights of Jestice. I know of a raging war between your kingdom and my own. No matter if you get married to Jarren or not, the war will pursue before your kingdom can be cured. I cannot tell you who sent me but the person knew of many things, things that can end the war before it happens. I am not interested in mindless bloodshed, I only want peace. I can safely take you where you need to be with nothing to worry about.” 

Persephone fiddled with the seams on her sleeve,”You’re a knight? From the Knights of Jestice? Then shouldn’t you be off killing families or even me? Saving me seems a bit against your reputation doesn’t it?”

Harbrum turned away from Persephone and faced the front bow,”I’m not proud if who I am or what I’ve had to do under the order but I’m trying to make up for it now. You’re just going to have to trust me and forget whatever you’ve heard about me and my fellow Knights. Not all of us desire chaos and live without hearts.”

Persephone felt sympathy for Harbrum and extended a hand to his shoulder which he brushed off. The air felt cold and conversation seemed pointless. Suddenly the thought struck Persephone, how was the boat moving? There wasn’t a wind current to push them along and neither of them had touched the oars. She looked over the side of the boat and saw a shimmer of blue underneath the surface of the water. She looked closer, the shimmering was the scales of three large fish tails and she saw a splash of colorful fins behind the boat. “Harbrum what are those things beneath us?!” Harbrum pulled himself out of his silence, “our ride I summoned.” Persephone gave him an exasperated look, “no but what are they??” Harbrum pulled a flask out of his robe and took a swig then replied,”the will of the gods.” Persephone was growing tired of questioning him and his nonsense, her eyes became heavy. The knight laughed and took off his robe as Persephone laid down on the spot she was sitting. He draped his robe over her, bent down low and whispered softly in her ear as she began to drift off,”those are mermaids.”