“I haven’t the slightest clue what you’re speaking of, I just wanted to smell the roses from the garden. There’s an adequate breeze flowing today,”  Persephone’s face was flushed. A chill forced it’s way through her body as Harbrum began chuckling, “we know more then you might think princess. I have been sent here by a very wise prophet who has foreseen the events that are to take place. That innocent looking face doesn’t fool all, you’re setting up your own kingdom for possible destruction. If three days come to pass and the Kingom of Lotuses does not marry you to Berkshim, there will be a war greater then anything your small land has ever seen. The only hope you have is the cure and a bit of magic; that’s where I come in. I have the direction for your journey that you have been seeking these last few months.”

Persephone gasped, how could this stranger know her desire to avoid the wedding and cure the kingdom? What did he mean by war and destruction in her kingdom? She’d kept quiet for months as she’d drempt of her escape from the kingdom, but without any sense of how to survive in the world, she had held off. Anger and fear bubbled deep In her heart. They knew far to much, had the princess been under watch? Could they read her mind? Her plans had fallen through, the one friend she had and cared deeply for was risking his very life to help her. Her guts churned as even a complete stranger was making her, a person of royalty, feel weak and vulnerable. Which hadn’t happened for a long time. 

Sir Doogue placed his hand on the princess’s shoulder and his eyes locked with hers,”I can’t  come with you, I must keep cover here. If I was to disappear along with you then suspision may arise. I understand why you were so quiet the past few months, I just wish I could have been more help to you. Harbrum won’t do you wrong, I’d trust him with my own life so please just listen to everything he tells you to do.” Persephone took a deep breath to steady herself, “I don’t know how or where you heard a any of this nonsense but both of you need to leave my quarters immediately,” the two men exchanged pained glances and the princess erupted with rage,” NOW!”

Harbrum shrugged and walked out the door, Doogue opened his mouth in protest but the flames of fury burning in Persephone’s eyes sent him out her door in silence. Persephone held her breath and waited till their steps faded. She couldn’t leave now, it was inevitable they would follow her. She pulled out a few rolls  that she saved from the kitchen in her dress, her other arm went into a hole underneath her bed’s mattress. From the hole she pulled out a carrier bag made of fine leather that she had been filling with supplies. Sorting through the contents, she placed the rolls with others she had saved. One more night.

To be continued….