Sir Doouge looked towards the doorway at Persephone,” your highness! I thought you were with the oracle.” She swayed a bit, and locked her eyes on the man she had seen in her dreams. “I did see the oracle. Who is this man?” Her voice shook at the mention of the oracle, but her whole body was trembling. “You look weak princess, you ought to sit down, ” Persephone staggered to the nearest chair  which was across from the  messy haired man,”This is my cousin, Harbrum.” Sir Doogue motioned to Harbrum  who nodded at the princess. “It’s a pleasure to meet you my lady,” The beautiful purple fabric shifted as he stood and bowed low before her.

Sir Doogue, slightly red, cleared his throat and grasped the side of the table, “We were just speaking of the upcoming wedding plans.” Harbrum then broke into a fit of laughter, “what a fool king Meccio is for sending his only daughter away to such a horrendous kingdom. I’m sure his knights could easily break past Pallow’s forest enchantments, I know you could Doogue.” Persephone swallowed hard at the idea of her knight wandering into the woods and his screams echoing through the ancient oak trees.

“I believe I should go rest.” Persephone stormed out of the room without looking back. She could hear Harbrum laughing all the way to the stairwell that led to her room. That man is a real piece of work, she couldn’t shake that thought. As she entered her room her eyes couldn’t help but wander to the spot on her floor that had opened so many years ago.  Magic had been banned since then. She walked over to the spot, her dress sweeping dust particles that had yet to be swept as all the maids of the castle had also come down with the illness. She tapped three times and the ground gave way, opening a mouth wide enough to be swallowed into.

Just as she began sliding into the hole her door swung open. Her heart pounded as Sir Doogue and Harbrum ran into the room and locked it behind them. “What are you doing here?” She hissed angrily. Sir Doogue smiled, “you don’t think we’d let you save the kingdom on your own do you?” Harbrum looked down at the princess and beamed, “I knew there was something interesting about you, I just didn’t think it would be a sense of adventure.”

To be continued…