Persephone walked out of the doctor’s home with more nerves cracking in her brain. She didn’t speak to Doouge the entirety of the walk home , she felt too far away. He watched her silently stride with growing confusion as her steps grew quicker and her face drying to an unfeeling statue. She failed to hear his voice as he tried to strike conversation with her.

How could she marry into such a vile kingdom like Berkshim? Would the prince be as terrible as King Derrone? Would she ever see the beautiful lotus fields that surrounded her childhood home again? Or worse, would the forest become her final resting place?

Three days could come no sooner but also loomed over Persephone’s heart like a cloud of destruction waiting to break open and unleash it’s deadly storm. As they approached the castle steps the princess collapsed, stars spewing into her vision then blackness.

Awoken by the sensation of gentle rocking,  waves lapped the sides of a small makeshift boat. She found herself adrift in the ocean, the lotus fields of her kingdom fading in the distance but set aglow by silvery moonlight.  The air was dark blue and the large moon hanging in the sky brought a sense of wonder and awe to the ocean’s ambiance. At the bow a slightly tarnished looking young man in a purple robe was stating at her with deep interest. Dark brown hair stuck out wildly from under the robe’s hood and bright blue eyes fixated upon the stunned Persephone.  For a moment, golden illuminated from within the purple fabric. The stranger cocked his head and smiled sweetly as Persephone began to sit up,”you’re late my sweet.” A hard blow blew her back down and blackness regained control over her vision.

“Percy! Percy please wake up!” The princess heard a farmiliar deep voice full of distress. Two large firm hands were gripping her shoulders, a little harder then necessary, and her body was being shaken in a manner much more aggressive then the rocking boat. As her eyes fluttered open her father’s face came into view. He had large green eyes that mirrored her own, his flowing silver dreadlocks  brushed her face and his large sum of beard hid his mouth’s fierce frown.

The king began yelling orders at servants but they stood idly by, clearly as flustered and unknowing as the king. Persephone brushed off her father and looked at everyone around her then back to the king, “I must speak to your oracle.” The king’s remaining color drained from his face,”but you just collapsed. You must get to your bed and rest.” Persephone’s voice suddenly rang a tone that struck fear into the king, “do not deny access to the oracle.”

To be continued…