Easy this road may seem
Nothing but space in between
The lines of doubt and worry
All because I’m in such a hurry
To make myself better for prosperity
Money seems like a strange commodity
When all I want is some good honesty
Goodbye cozy bed, showers, modesty
This is what I need and I hope you’ll see
My dream catching should be fun
Although my journey has just begun
I’ll bask under the moonlight and sun
Until the battle with this fear I have won
I had to pull over and marvel at the sky
The common folk may wonder why
I just can’t soar until I learn how to fly
All I ask is that you will not cry
The clock ticks away without a care
Only the simple folk really stare
At those who take a journey anywhere
What would you know about me
Who sits under the plentiful mango tree
In paradise of nightmarish proportions
With my assorted lotions and potions
A broken smile that seems to stay
Even when all the hate won’t go away
A pool of guilt has formed a large lake
From the habits I’ve formed in my wake
A new sense for life I must now make
Some chances I must now take
For everyone’s sake