I’m sorry to say that every sunset painted

Hasn’t inspired vibrant hues of awe

Ocean blue that warms to a mellow yellow

Enveloped in orange and consumed finally

By dark twilight rippling with waves of shimmering lights


A patch of dying fungus would catch my eye

The bulb that had sat dormant flickered in my brain

Fleshy white tops teeming with life

Seemed out of place in the patch

With a black center full of death

Ridden with crumbling ashes

Questioning morality I thought of chemicals

Why would chemicals be on the greenbelt?

Chemicals that disintegrates targets to dust

Shattered tree limbs and a small opening of sky

Electricity surged from my brain to the heavens

Back down to the welcoming ground

Zapping trees and frying an unsuspecting habitat


I don’t like feeling as though

I’m eating human skin

Squishy dirt flavored tops in my mouth

Though in this moment

I appreciate tasting Mother Earth that much more